July 2013: A new raid in Marocco: medical help and school supplies in the Tarbat N’Tirsal village, including solar panels for a family inflicted by poverty. We also distributed important clothing to families especially in need.

For more information or to get involved, please feel free to contact us at or telephone +41 76 616 42 00. Donations can be made to: CCP 10-742137-6. Thank you for your help and support.

Help Raid is a Swiss non-profit organization (NGO).

Founded in 2009 by Roland Burkhard and other friends based in Geneva, the organization brings together people who have a desire to serve and help others in need by driving across the country in 4x4s and providing humanitarian support in rural, hard-to-reach areas of Europe and North Africa.

Our main focus is to bring aid in the form of material goods and medical skills to small communities, families and individuals who lack basic resources and require the most help.  Aide en Raid works with the community to lay the foundation for development projects — with a focus in education, health, sports, and culture — and ensures that the local community members play in an active role in all levels of decision-making and growth.

The organization also gathers, transports and distributes clothing, shoes, medical supplies, medicine, school supplies, and all other useful goods that may be hard to get in such remote areas.  We are particularly focused on small communities in the middle and southern region of Morocco and in the village of Gura Solcii in the Province of Suceava, Romania.

Our main goal is to help eradicate poverty, without any political or religious involvement, to ensure the people of rural communities are healthy and self-sufficient.

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